The 1200 is an extremely practical and motorised ride-on sweeper designed for professional use, making it suitable for the fast and efficient cleaning of large surfaces areas. This machine also has an easy to operate control panel with a choice of 3 specific cleaning programs. 

  • Automatic self-cleaning dust filter with large filter surface (4 m²)
  • Manual dirt deposit system with gas cylinder
  • The machine automatically stops when the accelerator pedal is released
  • Automatic raising of the main brush when reversing
  • Splash-proof operating keys protected against moisture 
  • Battery voltage indicator and hour counter
  • Side brushes with adjustable rotational speed
  • The self-levelling brushes guarantee perfect cleaning, even on the most uneven surfaces
  • The filter and brush are easy to change without tools
  • Patented NDC system for sweeping in bends with the side brushes automatically moving inwards



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    Product: 1200