Booster systems


This stationary high-pressure unit is a cold water high-pressure washer with low consumption and practically unlimited uses. The single-part compact unit is ideal for professional and intensive use. The unit is highly suitable for the high-pressure washing of production spaces, machines in the food sector and other industrial applications. The stainless steel hood also protects the pump part against water splashes and soiling. With its hygienic construction this installation can be installed in the production space itself.

  • Stainless steel frame and large 130-litre float chamber 
  • Electrical cabinet with Millennium 3 control and hour counter
  • Low speed and flexible motor/pump coupling

This unit is designed for a water temperature of 40°C as standard. A version for up to 85°C is also available.

BOONS FIS has an exclusive agreement with DiBO to sell, supply and install all stationary high-pressure installations on the Benelux market (with the exception of two sectors: agriculture and car washes).


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Product: 1D CU