Pots and crate washers

CL-T 400/600/800 crate washer

These industrial crate washers are suitable for cleaning all kinds of Eurocrates and Europallets.

These machines are designed as standard with a washing zone and a rinsing zone separated by PVC curtains. As standard both outlets have a loading and unloading zone for the comfortable loading and unloading of the crates and/or pallets. Thanks to an ingenious double water filter system these crate washers always re-use the cleanest water and consume very little water.

The difference between the CL-T 400, CL-T 600 and CL-T 800 is the number of crates to be washed. The specifications and dimensions also differ depending on the type.

These crate washers are also extendible with an external custom-made dry-blowing module, that after washing and rinsing blows the crates fully dry with hot air.

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Different versions of this product are available
CL-T 400
CL-T 600
CL-T 800

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Product: CL-T 400/600/800 crate washer