Hygiene equipment


The Jet Towel Pro (part of the Living Environment Systems) from Mitsubishi Electric is the reference for electric hand dryers. This hand dryer is ideal for busy buildings, production facilities and hygiene locks, where high demands are placed on hygiene, comfort and durability.

It will cost the Jet Towel only a fraction compared to paper towels and textile rollers. Instead of daily replacing the paper towels or fabric roll, the Jet Towel only requires a little maintenance: emptying and cleaning the air filter and regular cleaning happens in an instant.

You save natural ingredients and meet the highest standards of sustainability.

The Jet Towel Hand Dryer is certified by an independent internationally recognized standardizationbody for public health and safety (NSF) for the strictest requirements (NSF / ANSI 169).

The Jet Towel Pro is available in the following colors: white (standard), silver or black.


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Product: JET TOWEL