The IBH-M+ and the IBH-L+ are two powerful hot water high-pressure washers with an electric motor. These industrial high-pressure washers can be used with great versatility for intense daily cleaning tasks. The heating system is based on a Green Boiler (70kW for the IBH-M+ and 110kW for the IBH-L+). This ensures low emissions of harmful exhaust gases along with limited fuel consumption (18% less than with a conventional burner).

The following aspects distinguish the "+ version" from the ordinary IBH:
  • Automatic water softening system (not in the ordinary version) with 1-litre water softening tank
  • As distinct from the ordinary IBH version, the IBH-M+ and the IBH-L+ are provided with a digital display that displays information about the burner, operating hours, pressure, temperature, softening dosage, etc.
The IBH-M+ and the IBH-L+ are supplied as standard with a 10-metre high-pressure hose (3/8"), single stainless steel spray lance with high-pressure sprayer and high-pressure gun with swivel.


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Product: IBH-M+ / IBH-L+