Booster systems


This professional high-pressure installation is designed as a multi-part unit and can fitted with 2, 4, 5, 6 or even more high-pressure pumps with the same capacity. The installation will clean at the same pressure and flow rate irrespective of the number of persons or drawing points operating at the same time. If necessary the pumps can be automatically switched on and off for this.

Switching control is enabled by analogue pressure and flow rate measurements. Besides thermal motor protection, dry running and temperature protection on the float chamber, this installation is also protected against pipe breakage and overpessure. Filling the float chamber takes place using an electromagnetic valve. Control is by PLC combined with sensors. The unit can be provided with different motor/pump combinations as required.

These units have multiple applications in highly diverse branches of industry. They include pharmaceuticals, tank cleaning, the ship and metal industries, foods, etc.
This installation is designed for a water temperature of 40°C as standard. A version for temperatures up to 85°C is also available.

BOONS FIS has an exclusive agreement with DiBO to sell, supply and install all stationary high-pressure installations on the Benelux market (with the exception of two sectors: agriculture and car washes).


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Product: MD CU