Booster systems

nVBS / HVBS pumpstation

The nVBS units and HVBS units are pump stations that control the pressure of the water supplied and feed the connected satellites (type S1S2 or S4).

In theory these units have the same function as the PS pump stations, with the difference that the nVBS and HVBS have a larger capacity making them suitable for supplying pressure water satellites so no fewer than 60 (!) users can be cleaning at the same time in different spaces.

These units are assembled on a frame for
floor fixing (usually in a technical space). The water supply has a flow control switch and the pump is fitted with an electric motor. The units have an electrical box with motor protection and are started up using a control button on the front on the panel. The water supply activates the flow control switch and the pump is started.

The units are supplied with an operating panel, motor protection, transformer and LOGO operation for switching the required number of pumps on and off. To protect the pump shaft seal the pump is equipped with a temperature switch. The pump is immediately shut off in the event of a too high water temperature.

The correct type of nVBS or HVBS is chosen depending on the number of simultaneous users, the required flow rate and the total bar.


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Product: nVBS / HVBS pumpstation