Choosing the right low-pressure system is not always a simple matter. Account must be taken of various aspects: the installation must be able to totally guarantee production hygiene, the whole cleaning process must take place as smoothly as possible so no valuable time is lost, and obviously there is the budget to consider. This is why we gladly consult with the prospect or customer to come up with the perfect solution for him. A first question that needs addressing is whether your company chooses a central or decentralised cleaning system.

With central cleaning we install a pressure unit in the technical space with which chemical dosage is controlled by PLC control. Chemicals are dosed to different branch points in production through a complete piping network (that we also provide as a total supplier).

When the production space uses different chemicals or other doses a decentralised system is the solution. With this system we install draw-off satellites in production that are connected to a pressure-booster unit through a stainless steel piping system with compressed air. The chemical is supplied from a bottle connected to the satellite.

The choice between decentralised cleaning and central cleaning is not simple to make, so we are always happy to offer you advice in line with your individual situation.