Booster systems

PS pumpstation

The PS units are pump stations fitted with a centrifugal pressure-booster pump that controls the pressure of the water supplied and feeds the connected satellites (type S1, S2 or S4).

These units control the water pressure between 10 and 25 bar and are designed and constructed according to our principles of simple operation, robust construction and exceptional reliability.

Depending on the number of simultaneous users you can choose between the PS5 (for 1 to 5 simultaneous users) and the PS7 (for 1 to 7 simultaneous users).

Are you interested in such a system, but you have a company where more than 7 employees must carry out cleaning work at the same time? See the nVBS/HVBS page that has the same function as the PS, but with a larger capacity making it suitable for more simultaneous users.

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Product: PS pumpstation