Pots and crate washers

River 298 utensil washer

The River 298, fully made of stainless steel (AISI 304), has a double-walled structure to help insulation and reduce the noise level.

This appliance is very easy to maintain with its deep drawn tanks and basket guides, integral double filters, washing chamber without internal piping, self-emptying pumps and external pressure switch.

As regards operation and material quality the Niagara appliances are similar to the River series, but the Rivers have ERT technology as standard. This is an important aspect that makes the Rivers even better than the Niagaras, certainly as regards sustainability. The Rivers also offer more washing time options.

This pot washer is suitable for baskets measuring 131x70cm, cleans 30 baskets per hour and has standard cycle times of 2 to 12 minutes.

The River 298 offers the following technology (
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  • ECC
  • ERT

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Product: River 298 utensil washer