The single column lifters – suitable for the lifting and tilting of mainly standard trolleys – increase productivity, efficiency and save on labour. These lifts also reduce the likelihood of injuries and accidents caused by manual actions. The lifters are designed to handle a large number of standard trolleys, weighing scales, vessels and tanks used in the food industry. 

These lifters are available in different versions:

  • Fixed arrangement
  • Mobile version
  • Mobile version with buffer rail
  • Mobile version with protective frame
  • Fixed arrangement with encasing
  • Fixed arrangement for waste containers

To summarise:

  • Manufactured in stainless steel (AISI 1.4301) according to the IP65 international standards for the food industry and pharmaceutical industry
  • Nominal capacity: to 350 kg
  • Tilting angle: to 55°
  • Tilting height: to 2m25 (different tilting heights)
  • The mechanical safety system prevents the standard trolley (or other object used) from being able to fall should there be a defect in the chain
  • The lifter has a safety mechanism that can be controlled by foot operation
  • Suitable for standard trolleys of 200l and 300l (or other objects)
  • Tilting angle to a maximum of 145° (55° horizontally) 
  • Lifting speed of 6 metres a minute

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