BOONS FIS' cleaning hoses – An indispensable component for efficient cleaning!

3 Dec
  • Thursday 03 December 2020
  • Category: Foaming and disinfection installations

A cleaning hose is an indispensable tool for industrial cleaning operations. There are, however, extremely many types. Are you confused by the many choices? Then follow the following advice.

You can select based on the insert; you can then select hoses with a linen insert or hoses with a steel wire insert. Both inserts have their own advantages. A hose with a linen insert is extremely flexible and light when used and therefore its use convenience is high. Such a hose, however, is only suitable for low and medium pressure applications. The steel wire insert has an operating pressure capacity of up to 600 bar and is therefore also suitable for most heavy duty cleaning jobs. The disadvantage of this hose is that it is heavier when being used. Both hose types are perfectly suitable for industrial cleaning applications and a long qualitative service life is therefore guaranteed.

A list of a few cleaning hoses: 

BOONSWASH cleaning hose

The BOONSWASH is a 3/8” steel wire cleaning hose with a red outer jacket. This cleaning hose can withstand an operating pressure of 600 bar and a temperature of 155 °C. This cleaning hose type is therefore extremely suitable for use in heavy industry, ports, agriculture, etc. 

This cleaning hose has steel press connections as standard, but stainless steel press connections are also possible. 

BOONSJET cleaning hose

The BOONSJET cleaning hose is a ½” hose made of black smooth nitrile rubber (NBR) and a linen insert. The hose has a blue antimicrobial outer jacket. This hose is therefore perfect for use in the food industry.

The hose is suitable up to a maximum operating pressure of 200 bar and a temperature of 100 °C. This hose has stainless steel press connections as standard in view of its use in the food industry.

BIOCLEAN cleaning hose

The Bioclean hose is extremely suitable for use in the food industry as is the BOONSJET because of its FDA approval. The inner jacket is made of a white, smooth rubber and has a blue outer jacket as the BOONSJET has. The hose is also ½” with an operating pressure of a maximum of 60 bar (note: BOONSJET up to 200 bar) and an operating temperature of up to 100 °C.

Ultimate industrial hose

In addition to the ½” and 3/8” hoses, BOONS FIS also has an industrial ¾” hose in its range that can be used as a supply and/or cleaning hose. This Ultimate is a rubber hose that is suitable for use up to 105 bar and 70 °C. 

Perform maintenance on your cleaning hoses!

A tip: always ensure your cleaning hose is properly maintained so that hygiene continues to be guaranteed. A hose that is not properly maintained will show cracks in due course that may be a source of bacteria. Regularly inspecting your cleaning hoses is therefore required! We will gladly help you with this!