CIP installation for optimal cleaning of your production processes

5 Oct
  • Monday 05 October 2020
  • Category: Foaming and disinfection installations

Cleaning in place: fully automated cleaning

Besides complete cleaning systems for open plant cleaning, BOONS FIS also designs and produces installations for CIP cleaning. 
CIP installations (Cleaning In Place) are designed according to the following principle: 

  • This concerns a fully automatically controlled system.
  • Cleaning without production components and/or objects having to be disassembled or moved (for example tanks, piping, etc.). 

CIP is an important part of HACCP so is frequently applied in for example the food industry, pharmaceuticals, etc. It finds its uses in areas such as cleaning road tankers, milk installations, breweries and suchlike. 

Optimal cleaning with a CIP installation from BOONS FIS

BOONS FIS will be happy to create your CIP system according to your specific requirements. We always do this with full attention to hygiene and the minimum consumption of water, chemicals and energy. The latter factors are fully controlled by an automatic operating system designed by the engineering team at BOONS FIS. 

The CIP installation can be a completely autonomous process or perfectly combined with an installation for open plant cleaning

Ask our sales team about the options! We will be pleased to present you with an attractive portfolio on ‘custom build’ CIP projects.