Mechanical handling equipment throughout the production process

18 Jan
  • Friday 18 January 2019
  • Category: Mechanical handling

Mechanical handling equipment is indispensable to an efficient production and distribution process. This equipment is specifically designed to assist with the transfer, control, lifting, tilting and storage of all your materials. This not only makes the work more efficient, it also becomes more productive. BOONS FIS offers mechanical handling equipment from A to Z for various materials and sizes. 

The standard trolleys or other types of containers are often placed in storage spaces. Storage racks are very useful for keeping these storage spaces as well-organised and clean as possible. Our storage racks are provided with position guides and wheel gutters to perfectly keep the standard trolleys in place and guarantee safety. A standard trolley stacker can be used to simply place the standard trolleys in the racks and take them out again.

Once filled, the standard trolleys, Dolavs or pallets are first weighed. With our stainless steel weighing scales, functions such as gross, net and tare can be used to weigh ingredients extremely carefully. Then can the ingredients can be mixed with the standard trolley Tumbler if required. This makes mixing delicate ingredients to a homogenous mix of the highest quality extremely simple.

Then the standard trolleys can be used again in the production process and the content can be processed on a conveyor belt, in a mixer, etc. Various stainless steel lifts and tipping devices are included in the range to assist here. Our appliances are available both as fixed and mobile versions to always have the process take place as efficiently as possible.

When the standard trolleys are empty again they have to be cleaned. This can be done manually or by a washing installation. Washing installations are useful in production environments with a high capacity. Manual cleaning is often preferred in (semi-)professional production environments with a lower capacity. We also offer stainless steel washing frames to facilitate this process. These are available in different formats and ensure that the containers can be simply cleaned on all sides. After cleaning the standard trolleys can be stored in the racks again until they are used again.

 All materials are always manufactured in stainless steel to guarantee optimal hygiene and a long life. We also supply numerous accessories. Do you need standard trolleys, filters, covers or standard trolley sleeves? You can also go to BOONS FIS for these items.

Besides our comprehensive standard range, custom-made work is also always an option. Do you work with standard trolleys, crates, Dolavs, KLTs, containers, Diosnas or another system and want to know how this equipment can make your production process more efficient? Contact our sales team or take a look at the product pages for more info!