Deciding between a centralised and a decentralised cleaning system

12 May
  • Wednesday 12 May 2021
  • Category: Foaming and disinfection installations

When purchasing a new cleaning system one can choose between a number of different systems. BOONS FIS offers numerous options here for both mobile and fixed installations. When a fixed installation is chosen, one must still make a choice between a centralised or decentralised system. In this blog we clarify both options so a well-founded choice can be made. 

With a decentralised cleaning system the water is sent at the right pressure to the decentralised satellites through stainless steel piping. During cleaning the required cleaning product and/or disinfectant is connected for each satellite. These products are placed in a jerry can holder under the satellite, while the chemical supply is controlled by means of suction hoses. The required concentration is ensured by the venturi valve on the satellite. Depending on the number of products that the customer wishes to use, one can choose between draw-off stations that can suck up one, two or more chemical products. Then the operator can use the decentralised cleaning system to easily foam, rinse and/or disinfect by using the simple selector switch.

The satellite can optionally be provided on a mobile stainless steel trolley with room for two jerry cans. A decentralised system has great benefits for smaller production spaces or production spaces with different cleaning needs. This is because no centralised chemicals piping is needed, and a different chemical product can be used for each specific cleaning job or department.   

A centralised cleaning system comprises a combination of a central chemicals supply unit (CBU) and central draw-off satellites. The CBU dosing unit is connected by stainless steel piping to a multiple of CS central draw-off satellites. The unit is assembled on a stainless steel frame as standard. The central chemical dosing unit is connected in a technical space and will pump the right dose of chemical products through the piping network to the central draw-off stations that are located in the production space. We provide a separate CBU dosing unit for each product (foam acid, foam lye or disinfection).

Our CBU units can be provided with a robust stainless steel housing with lockable door. Then the installation is protected from external risks, and access for unauthorised persons is prevented. The central satellites are installed in different places in the production space and are provided with a selector switch to simply choose between foaming, rinsing or disinfection. These centralised systems are mainly intended for larger production spaces with a set cleaning protocol, for production environments with a number of branch points, for companies which do not want chemicals in separate jerry cans in the production space, and companies wishing to purchase the chemical products in bulk (for example IBC tanks). 

With both systems we start from a permanently installed pressure-booster pump, with or without break tank. The type of pressure-booster installation depends on the required pressure.  All installations and satellites from BOONS FIS are simple to operate, robust, reliable and assembled according to the principle of hygienic design.

A mechanically or pneumatically controlled satellite is a further option for the decentralised installations. Satellites for a central installation are always pneumatically controlled. We offer our central satellites with or without housing. For versions with housing, the pneumatic ball valves with actuator are assembled in this housing. With satellites without housing the pneumatic ball valves are assembled on the technical loft.

To ensure smooth operation, all systems can be further extended with self-winding reels available for different lengths of cleaning hoses. 

To summarise: 

Centralised system

  • Ideal for larger new build environments
  • No chemicals in production
  • Possible bulk chemicals purchasing
  • Higher investment cost


Decentralised system

  • Ideal for existing or smaller production environments
  • Possibility of using different types of chemicals in each space thanks to the use of jerry cans
  • Lower investment cost

Are you looking for a new cleaning system? Do not hesitate to contact our sales team. They will be happy to discuss the options with you!