Hand-washing sinks specials

30 Mar
  • Tuesday 30 March 2021
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  • Category: Hygiene equipment

BOONS FIS offers various custom options across the entire range. There are also many hand-washing sink options to choose from to optimise them for your organisation/company. In this blog we present a number of recent designs. 

Washbasin with eye-wash fountain

The WR3 washbasin with lower cabinet was optionally provided for the customer with an eye-wash fountain, so besides washing their hands they could also rinse their face and eyes in one movement.

The eye-wash fountain can be simply taken out of the holder and has sufficient reach with its flexible stainless steel hose. The facility is operated using the handle. Both taps can be protected against dust and dirt by caps. The stainless steel lower cabinet has two lockable doors.

Washbasin with plug socket

This WR2 with stainless steel lower cabinet was optionally fitted with a mixer tap, a small worktop, splash walls and a waterproof plug socket. In this case the plug socket is used for connecting small hand tools. The stainless steel worktop allows a part to be regularly rinsed while being worked on. All stainless steel parts are 100% seamlessly rounded off for optimal hygiene. The stainless steel lower cabinet has two lockable doors.

Washbasin with Dyson Airblade

These impressive, user-friendly taps are multifunctional. The hands can be successively washed and dried without touching the tap thanks to sensor operation. Air is blown through the narrow openings at high speed and dries the hands in approximately 14 seconds. No heat is used here so the system is much more energy-efficient than other hand dryers.

Do you have any other special requirements for your hand wash basins? Contact our sales team and we will look at the options together.