How to clean your hygiene station.

18 Dec
  • Wednesday 18 December 2019
  • Category: Hygiene equipment

A properly fitted hygiene lock is of great importance to guaranteeing personal hygiene at for example a food company, in glasshouse horticulture, laboratories, etc. But you often see that the cleanliness of the lock itself leaves something to be desired. It is very important to also clean the hygiene lock itself from time to time (depending on the number of passages, zone, etc. daily or weekly cleaning is advised).

Before cleaning the hygiene station make sure that the main switch is OFF to prevent accidents or unsafe situations at all times! Also shut off the water supply to the hygiene station! 

Cleaning the hygiene station brushes:

  • Lift the grate on top of the brushes and put it in the safety position.
  • Take the brushes out of the lock by pulling them out of the shaft.
  • Put the brushes in a bath of 2% solution cleaning agent and leave them to soak for approximately 15 minutes, then wash them in clean water at a maximum pressure of 20 bar and a maximum temperature of 50 °C. It is strongly advised to not clean the brushes at high pressure and hot temperatures. This could cause the hair in brushes to come loose. 

Switches and sensors can be cleaned with a soft cloth.

You can manually clean the rest of the hygiene lock or use the existing foaming installation to soap it before thorough rinsing. Also, thoroughly empty and clean the tray under the brushes and remove any dirt and residual waste if necessary

After periodic cleaning put the brushes back in the shaft and put the grate back in the horizontal position. The water supply and power can now be switched back on!

Never use chlorinated products to clean these stainless steel surfaces. Ask our experts about cleaning products suitable for stainless steel equipment!