Hygiene locks – Extra options of use to your business!

11 Feb
  • Tuesday 11 February 2020
  • Category: Hygiene equipment

There are many versions of hygiene locks, the choice largely depending on your needs in the production environment. The hygiene locks can accordingly be further fitted with a number of handy extras. We will explain the most popular options in this blog article. 

The incorporated hygiene lock

A hygiene lock is supplied on legs as standard so you use a step to gain access to it. But the hygiene lock can also be supplied as an incorporated model with the hygiene station sunk in a pit bringing it level with the floor. Do remember that technical maintenance of such an installation is a little more difficult and that such a lock is often not suitable for existing spaces. Measures for such an installation must indeed already be taken during the initial construction phase (when pouring the subfloor). 

There are two major advantages associated with this option:

  • Ergonomics:
    the brushes at floor level mean visitors to the lock do not have to step over a raised surface or step. The likelihood of potential accidents is then greatly reduced. 
  • Hygienic finish:
    The incorporated hygiene lock model is fitted with 50 mm skirting that ensures an attractive seamless joint with the pit.

Hygiene lock with badge system

Hygiene locks from BOONS FIS can be fitted with a badge/registration system for the connection of a time and person registration system. Such registration can be very useful for a variety of reason: you can see who is in the production space at any time (for example during emergency situations), you register how long persons have been in the production space and at what times, etc. This option can easily be added to all BOONS FIS hygiene locks that are electrically powered. 

Document holders assembled on the hygiene lock

You often have to go from one space in the factory to another and pass through a hygiene lock on the way. As a quality supervisor, production manager or suchlike you often have a number of documents with you. Carrying documents in your hands through a hygiene lock can be a real hassle. So BOONS FIS came up with the ideal solution. The hygiene lock or associated fencing can be provided with a stainless steel document holder as an extra option. If fitted on the hygiene lock it replaces the service panel. If you would prefer the document holder on the associated fencing it is welded to this fencing. 

Closed jerry can holders to supplement the hygiene lock

The all-in one hygiene locks have the jerry cans closed off behind a service door as standard. In the smaller hand disinfection systems the jerry cans are placed on an open holder. Would you prefer another system? The closed jerry can holder is the ideal solution! The chemicals being behind a lock means there is a reduced likelihood of accidents, with a very neat appearance to boot! 

Hygiene lock equipped with delay system incl. light indication

The hygiene locks from BOONS FIS come with a default program. The program can however also be changed with a delay system with light indication. This delay system ensures that the turnstile gives delayed access after the hand disinfection phase, so the soles are cleaned for an extra long time. The light turns green when access is given. As the customer you can yourself choose how long you want the delay to be, mainly depending on and taking account of the number of simultaneous passages. 

Are you interested in one the options above? Ask our sales team for more details!