The advantages of a crate washer

9 Nov
  • Monday 09 November 2020
  • Category: Washing installations

Using an industrial crate washer has many advantages and this is certainly the case in industries where strict hygiene requirements apply such as the food industry. Other industrial sectors can also benefit from a crate washer. BOONS FIS is an expert in hygiene and operates in different sectors. Below, we briefly explain the advantages of our crate washers!

Crates, pallets, trays, etc. must be washed after every use. You can do this manually using a high-pressure washer, but this often demands much time, water and energy. Using a crate washer means automating this process and therefore you become more efficient. Water and energy consumption is reduced and fewer man-hours are needed to clean. A crate washer will also ensure better and more consistent cleaning than a manual alternative. 

Manual or automated infeed and outfeed?

When you decide to get a crate washer, you can choose between manual or automated infeed and outfeed of the crates. This often depends on the number of crates to be washed.

When you choose manual infeed and outfeed of crates, the crate washer can also be optionally equipped with a one-person operation system. In this case, the entry and exit points for the crates can be found on the same side of the machine. 

Simple cleaning and reliable operation

BOONS FIS’ crate washers are fully built and certified in accordance with the strictest requirements for hygiene and safety so that, for example, food safety is always assured. The crate washers themselves can be easily washed and have an extremely reliable operation. This represents a small maintenance expense of the system.

Efficient and low consumption

Our crate washers are equipped with at least 1 wash zone and 1 rinsing zone as standard. The hot water from the rinsing zone is filtered and maintained at the required temperature to be reused in the washing zone. Thanks to this recovery process, the water and energy consumption of our machines is kept to a minimum. 

These advantages ensure that our industrial crate washers are sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-saving machines.

Full range

The smallest model in our industrial crate washer range, the KWM100, is already available for 100 crates per hour. Our standard range includes models that can wash up to 800 crates per hour, but higher capacities are also possible. This ensures that we can always offer every company the best crate washer solution. 

Interested? Contact our sales team and they will gladly study which crate washer best suits your needs!