the advantages of cleaning and disinfecting with foam

22 Jan
  • Wednesday 22 January 2020
  • Category: Foaming and disinfection installations

Cleaning with foam has many advantages compared to cleaning with liquids for both Open Plant Cleaning (OPC) and Cleaning In Place (CIP). Using foam lengthens the soaking time/contact duration of the medium, that in turn also improves the effectiveness of the treatment. 

To guarantee a longer soaking time we must remember a few important rules:

  • On vertical surfaces you foam from left to right, with all foam layers nicely meeting each other with no overlapping. Overlapping makes the foam heavier and it will then slide down off the walls quicker.
  • This is also the reason why foam is always applied from below upwards. The force of gravity would bring the foam downwards more quickly if the foam was applied from the top downwards. 

Foam cleaning is also a safe option for various reasons:

  • When you clean or disinfect with foam you can visually check what exactly is being foamed. 
  • Using foam creates less aerosol (small liquid droplets). 
  •  A foam can “creep” so it easily and thoroughly gets to treat parts that are difficult to reach. 

Use a foaming system! 

A convenient and effective cleaning installation is needed for efficient foam cleaning.

This can be based on a decentralised, centralised or mobile system depending on the customer’s needs. Are you not sure if a centralised or decentralised cleaning installation is the best option for you? Make sure you also read this blog

Cleaning and disinfecting with foam in various sectors! 

These days it is certainly not only the food industry that cleans and disinfects with foam. Sectors such as greenhouse cultivation, the pharmaceutical sector, pet care, etc. are also getting on the foam cleaning bandwagon. And the same vision applies in all sectors: good cleaning and disinfection is undeniably associated with the good hygienic design of your spaces and equipment, while a well developed hygiene protocol is crucial. 

Our team will be pleased to assist you with the choice of an optimal foaming and disinfection system!