The fight against COVID-19

13 May
  • Wednesday 13 May 2020
  • Category: Hygiene equipment

The tide seems to be turning, the amount of people admitted to the hospital for Covid-19 seems to finally be stabilising according to the National Security Council. But we're not there yet. Institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO) continue to emphasise the importance of correct hand hygiene in the fight against Covid-19. And what when all of this is over? 

The outbreak of this virus has opened many eyes and it seems that the post-Corona era may well be of a very different order.

Companies with large offices and production areas, public and health care institutions, event locations, retail, etc. will have to adapt on all fronts and will have to think forward-looking about preventive measures concerning hand hygiene. The non-binding nature of hand hygiene should be replaced by a streamlined automated process. 

In the food industry you have many "state of the art" examples of efficient and controlled hand hygiene. Let us take an example from this and apply it to other sectors as well, in view to global health welfare. 

  BOONS FIS has been a specialist in the field of automatic hand washing and hand disinfection systems for many years.

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