Calibrating the DSW decentralized satellite

14 Sep
  • Wednesday 14 September 2022
  • Category: Foaming and disinfection installations

In line with the BOONS FIS philosophy, which always focuses on product quality, long-term customer relations and a proper service, the calibration of our satellites is now also part of our service package.

On the request of many customers we now also offer an additional service, being the calibration of the satellites in the (de)centralised cleaning system "by BOONS FIS". This calibration contributes to the optimal operation of the cleaning system.

BOONS FIS correctly measures your chemical dosage using a calibrated conductivity device based on volume. If necessary we adjust this dosage to the correct ratio, linked to a complete control of the devices.

We calibrate your devices in this independent manner. After calibration a service report is provided with all the necessary information. 

For more info about this new service call +32(0)9 387 79 79.