Disinfection and foaming installations

About Disinfection and foaming installations

Choosing the right pressure-booster and foaming and disinfection unit, also called the dosing unit, is not a simple matter. Account must be taken of various aspects: the installation must be able to totally guarantee production hygiene, the whole cleaning process must take place as smoothly as possible, so no valuable time is lost, and obviously there is the budget to consider. This is why BOONS FIS will gladly consult you in coming up with the perfect solution. A first question that needs addressing is whether your company chooses a central or decentralised cleaning system. 

The centralised cleaning system

With central cleaning we install a pressure-booster unit in the technical space and a CBU chemical dosage unit whereby chemical dosing is controlled by PLC control. The foam, water or disinfectant is dosed to different branch points through a complete piping network (that we also provide as a total supplier) where they arrive in the CS central draw-off satellites. At the draw-off station (CS satellite) one can make the required selection (up to six possibilities) and using the coupled hose and gun (that is usually rolled up on a reel) one foams or disinfects the required product or uses the rinsing function.

The BOONS FIS central piping system has very many advantages. It is completely PLC controlled, the pressure-booster pumps and dosing pumps are frequency controlled, and extra safety is provided with a pressure transmitter. Accurate run-dry protection is additionally provided. These are only some of the many advantages of this central chemical dosing unit.

The decentralised cleaning system

When the production space uses different chemicals or other doses a decentralised cleaning is the solution. Decentralised cleaning is also usually opted for when the production space is not so large. With this system, decentralised draw-off satellites are assembled in the production space that are connected to a pressure-booster unit through a piping network or otherwise. The satellites are fed by jerry cans placed under the satellite. The satellite sucks the chemical up through suction hoses.

Mobile foaming and disinfection units are also among the options.

BOONS FIS will gladly offer you the right advice! Ask our sales team for more details! 

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