Central installations

About Central installations

In its range of central cleaning systems BOONS FIS offers the combination of a central chemical supply unit (the CBU Chemical dosing unit) and central draw-off satellites (CS draw-off station).  This central chemical dosing unit is connected in a technical space and will pump the chemical products through a piping network to the central draw-off stations that are located in the production space. 

Such a central cleaning system is recommended when you want to buy chemical products in bulk (the drums or IBC containers are placed next to the dosing unit and the chemical is drawn through suction pipes from the drum to the chemical dosing unit), when you do not want chemicals in separate jerry cans in the production space, when you have a number of branch points, etc. The pneumatic selector switch on the central draw-off stations is used to simply select the options foam, rinse and/or disinfect (as standard the chemical station is provided with a rinse and stop position - depending on the chemical dosing unit chosen the draw-off station can be provided with one or two foaming functions, one extra rinsing function and one disinfection function).