Chemicals dosing unit CBU

Chemicals dosing unit CBU

The CBU is a central chemicals dosing unit connected by stainless steel piping to the CS central draw-off satellites (one satellite and one reel set is provided for each location to be cleaned). The unit is assembled on a stainless steel sandblasted frame as standard.

The frequency-controlled feed pump at 7 bar controls a dosing pumps (type Grundfos CRIE). The dosing pump is controlled by pulse and flow rate measurement and ensure perfectly accurate dosing.

The built-in own programming ensures perfect operation of the unit, and the parameters can be simply changed on the display.

A stainless steel 120-litre dosing tank with automatic filling provides a good, mixed dosage. The unit is also provided with run-dry protection.

BOONS FIS is happy to help you choose between a centralised and a decentralised installation. Read more about both options here!

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Chemicals dosing unit CBU


  • 100% accurate chemical dosing so large chemical savings of up to 40% are possible
  • Frequency-controlled pressure-booster pump (no pressure drop during cleaning) and dosing pump(s)
  • Extra protection with pressure transmitter
  • Run-dry protection pump and dosing pump(s)
  • Electronic dosing pump(s) with code setting
  • Dosing of the chemicals by flow rate measurement, pulse and frequency control
  • 120-litre dosing tank with automatic filling and temperature monitoring
  • Very clean-lined and hygienic concept with lockable doors (stainless steel housing) 


Custom-made work

Stainless steel housing

Water filter

Stainless steel piping