Conveyor belt cleaner

About Conveyor belt cleaner

Conveyor belts are a very important part of many production spaces. These open transport systems are however often a nuisance when it comes to cleanability. Indeed, a lot of dirt gets stuck on the bottom of the conveyor, on carriers, links, etc.

As a cleaning specialist BOONS FIS can also assist you here. We see each conveyor belt cleaner as custom-made work because each production space has its own needs for the transport systems (food or non-food, size of the conveyor belts, etc.).

A conveyor belt cleaner is usually assembled with a centrifugal low pressure pump (high pressure would indeed damage the conveyor belts and cause an unpleasant aerosol). Rotating spraying nozzles are fitted above and below the conveyor belt in strategic places for optimal cleaning.

The unit can be supplied mobile or stationary, with or without a tank for the dirt, depending on the particular application.

Ask our sales team for more details! They will be pleased to assist you!