Decentralised installations

About Decentralised installations

In the decentralised cleaning systems range BOONS FIS offers different high quality draw-off stations that are extremely user-friendly and highly effective. Depending on the number of products that the customer wishes to use, one can choose between draw-off stations that can suck up one, two or more chemical products. Then the operator can use the decentralised cleaning system to easily foam, rinse and/or disinfect by selecting one of the options using the simple selector switch. Depending on the pressure you require, the draw-off stations can be directly connected to the piping network (working at between 3 and 10 bar) or connected a pressure-booster installation. The big difference between decentralised cleaning systems and a central chemical supply is that chemicals in these decentralised draw-off satellites are sucked in from jerry cans at the bottom of the draw-off stations. The chemical supply is controlled by suction hoses.

The decentralised draw-off stations are all conceived according to the hygienic design principle, they are extremely robust, and reliable and simple to use. This all ensures that your cleaning process takes place optimally.