KWM crate washers

About KWM crate washers

BOONS FIS offers a complete range of industrial crate washers. A tailor-made crate washing installation can also be proposed depending on aspects such as the quantity of crates to be washed and the crate sizes. The standard range goes from 100 crates to 800 crates per hour. Higher capacities are also among the options.

All our crate washers are provided with a Siemens PLC with its own control, and all components used are of the highest quality. Each installation – irrespective of the capacity – is also provided with features including a stainless steel transport chain, stainless steel electrical box and stainless steel sprayers.

Each installation is provided with at least 1 washing zone and 1 rinsing zone as standard. The crates are cleaned with hot water and detergent in the washing zone. This water is filtered during the washing process and returned to the water tank, where it is kept at the right temperature and pumped back to the washing nozzles by a heavy-duty stainless steel pump. After the washing zone the crates are again rinsed at high temperature in the rinsing zone. The hot water used is not lost, but flows automatically to the water tank so this water is again used in the washing zone. Thanks to this recovery process the water and energy consumption of these appliances is kept to a minimum. The crate washers can also be provided with an associated blow-drying zone with 1 or 2 powerful fans.

The crates are automatically transported through the washing tunnel by a single or double stainless steel chain conveyor. The speed can be set on the control panel depending on the degree of soiling and the number of crates to be washed. Sensors protect the pumps and heating elements against dry running.

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