crate washer

crate washer

This KWM crate washer is the entry-level model of this series. In the washing zone, the crates are cleaned with warm water and detergent. The filtered water from the washing process is sent back to the water tank, where it is kept at the right temperature and pumped back to the washing nozzles by means of a heavy stainless steel pump. Afterwards, the crates are rinsed at a high temperature in the rinsing zone. The used hot water is not wasted, but automatically flows to the water tank and is reused in the washing zone. This recovery process results in a minimum of water and energy consumption.

The crates are automatically transported through the washing tunnel via a single or double stainless steel chain conveyor. The speed can be set on the control panel depending on the degree of dirt and the number of crates to be washed. The capacity of this KWM100 is between 70 and 130 crates per hour, depending on the settings. If the crates are transported along the short side, a maximum number of 150 crates per hour can be achieved. Sensors protect the pumps and heating elements against dry running.

Optionally, the crate washer can be equipped with an installation for one-person operation. In this way, the crates can be fed into the washing tunnel on one side of the crate washer and removed after washing.

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crate washer<br>KWM100


  • Many functions can be set in line with the customer's needs: conveyor belt speed, guide to match the shape of items to be washed, temperature of the washing and rinsing water, etc.
  • Washing machine suitable for crates, buckets and other objects with different dimensions
  • Stainless steel loading and unloading zones are provided as standard at the entrance to and exit from the washing machine
  • The water is heated electrically or by steam
  • Provided as standard with main washing and rinsing zone
  • Large capacity of 70 to 150 items per hour
  • Numerous accessories and dispensers available
  • Dosing system for detergents



1-person operation

Dosing pump chemicals

Custom-made work

Heating water