Dolav washers

Dolav washers

BOONS FIS offers a complete range of industrial Dolav washers. The Dolav washer is a washing machine designed for the fast and efficient cleaning of plastic Dolavs/pallet boxes/containers. The machine has a capacity of 30 containers per hour with minimal water and energy consumption. There is also a double version of the standard Dolav washer to increase the capacity of container cleaning to 60 an hour. The machine has a Siemens PLC with its own control.

Loading and unloading takes place by moving the containers onto the electrohydraulic lifting platform. Washing times and programs (depending on soiling) can be set on the Siemens PLC.

The machine has two cycles: a washing cycle and a rinsing cycle. During the washing cycle the containers are washed by driven rotating arms with adjustable sprayers. This can take up to a maximum of 10 minutes depending on the degree of soiling. At the end of the washing program the detergents are removed with fresh water (= rinsing cycle). This fresh rinsing water is filtered before flowing to the main wash tank. In this way the water is recycled, kept up to temperature and water and energy consumption are reduced.

Besides the duration of the washing program, the duration of the rinsing program can also be set. Settings such as the temperatures can be simply changed using the touchscreen.

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Dolav washers


  • Washing time, programs and water temperatures can be set using the Siemens control and display
  • The recycling of rinsing water, water consumption and energy consumption are minimised
  • Fast and efficient cleaning of stainless steel standard trolleys and Dolavs
  • With washing and rinsing zone as standard
  • Electrical-hydraulic tilting system
  • Fully produced in stainless steel


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