KLT washers

KLT washers

BOONS FIS offers a complete range of industrial KLT washers. These KLT washers are designed for the fast, simple and effective cleaning of KLT crates in the automotive industry. The machine consists of three zones: a main washing zone with separate water tank, a rinsing zone and a blow-drying zone, and a Siemens PLC with its own control as standard.

The water from the washing and rinsing zone is continually filtered and kept up to temperature. Thanks to a stainless steel pump the washing water is continuously replenished with clean hot water from the rinsing zone. Both water tanks have filters to catch metal particles to 100µ in size. The dosing pump allows automatic detergent dosing. The blow-drying zone has four powerful blowers to remove the water left on the KLT crates.

All parts of the KLT washers are of the highest quality. The transport speed can be set using the PLC control from Siemens. The whole washing installation is also made of stainless steel. We then have a machine that guarantees optimal quality.

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KLT washers


  • Many functions can be set in line with the customer's needs: conveyor belt speed, guide to match the shape of items to be washed, temperature of the washing and rinsing water, etc.
  • Stainless steel loading and unloading zones are provided as standard at the entrance to and exit from the washing machine
  • The water is heated electrically or by steam
  • Provided as standard with main washing and rinsing zone
  • Large capacity of 100 to 3,000 items per hour
  • Numerous accessories and dispensers available
  • Washing machine suitable for KLT crates 
  • Dosing system for detergents



Dry-blowing module

1-person operation

Dosing pump chemicals

Custom-made work

Heating water