Standard trolley washers and Dolav containers

BOONS FIS offers a nice range of industrial washers for standard trolleys (Eurobins) and Dolav containers. The machines are made entirely of stainless steel (1.4301) and equipped with a Siemens PLC.

These washing machines are designed for the quick and efficient cleaning of 200 liter, 300 liter standard trolleys and/or 630 liter Dolavs with a capacity of 30 standard trolleys/Dolavs per hour and a minimal water and energy consumption.

The electro-hydraulic lifting platform tilts the standard trolley(s) or Eurobin(s) into the unit and it also closes the washing compartment. Washing times and programs (depending on the soiling) can be set individually tailored to the demand of each customer.

The machines are equipped with a washing and rinsing cycle. During the washing cycle, the standard trolleys and/or Dolavs are washed using one or two rotating arms with nozzles. In the rinse cycle, the detergents are removed with fresh rinse water. This rinse water then flows back to the main wash tank. In this way, the water is recycled as much as possible and kept at the right temperature, resulting in significant savings on water and energy consumption.

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