Standard trolley weighing scales

Standard trolley weighing scales

These standard trolley weighing scales were specifically designed for the safe and effective manual weighing of 200-litre and 300-litre standard trolleys. The weighing scales have weighing functions such as gross, net and tare weights.

These weighing scales are more hygienic than an in-built alternative because the appliance can be fully cleaned all around. Sloping floors and holes in the floor are then no longer required. Everything is also 100% hygienically rounded and only diamond-shaped profiles are used. 

The standard trolley weighing scales are manufactured in stainless steel (AISI 1.4301) according to the international standards for the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

These weighing scales are available in both manual and pneumatic designs. A push bar (manual version) or piston (pneumatic version) lifts the standard trolley up in one movement so the standard trolley can be very exactly weighed.

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Standard trolley weighing scales


  • Supplied with certificate of stainless steel used (AISI 1.4301), no use of ferritic steels (400 series) that are magnetic and liable to corrode
  • Everything is 100% rounded off jointless for optimal hygiene, no corners or edges where bacteria can grow
  • Suitable for 120-litre standard trolleys subject to use of adapters with the pneumatic version
  • No manual handling to lift and turn heavy standard trolleys
  • Meets the highest quality requirements for the food and general industry
  • Pneumatic cylinder or manual stainless steel lever for lifting and weighing standard trolleys
  • Suitable for a capacity up to 350 kg loading weight
  • Specially designed for the food industry
  • Suitable for 200-litre and 300-litre standard trolleys
  • Robust construction and elegant finish
  • Fully stainless steel design