Pressure-booster installations

About Pressure-booster installations

Pressure-booster installations are installations that increase and control the pressure of the water supplied. Put briefly, pressure-booster units control the water pressure between set bar pressures, while supplying the connected branch points with pressure water. There are pressure-booster units that control the water pressure between 10 and 40 bar, but we also have pressure-booster installations for 40 bar and more. All our installations can be fitted with a stainless steel break tank and stainless steel housing. The installations from 40 bar are assembled with plunger pumps - the installations up to 40 bar are fitted with centrifugal pumps. 


Installations up to 40 bar are called low pressure and medium pressure installations and these have - particularly for the food industry - numerous advantages compared to a high pressure pump (plunger pumps). One can keep soiling better under control while avoiding spraying everywhere. An installation with limited pressure also benefits the working life of other equipment in production spaces, considering there is a lower likelihood of damage. No aerosol (= mist of micro-organisms) is created that can settle on the just cleaned floor surface, something that does happen with a high pressure sprayer. There is also a notable difference in maintenance between pressure-booster installations, where a low pressure installation is associated with significantly lower maintenance costs. The effectiveness of cleaning is quite similar in both cases - a low pressure installation compensates its reduced pressure by a higher flow rate and a quicker rinsing.


The installations from 40 bar are assembled with plunger pumps. BOONS FIS supplies units with plunger pumps with a capacity up to 1500 bar. These units are accordingly highly suitable for very many "heavy industry" sectors such as the building industry, shipping, façade cleaning, etc.
You can see a summary of the pressure-booster pumps from BOONS FIS above. You can always contact us for a quotation. Would you like to see these installations in operation? Ask for a demo!

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