High pressure installation

About High pressure installation

High-pressure installations are installations that raise and control the pressure of the water supply. Put briefly, pressure-booster units control the water pressure between set bar pressures, while supplying the connected branch points with pressure water. You can also go to BOONS FIS for high-pressure pumps from 40 bar. 

The stationary high-pressure cleaning units from 40 bar are provided as standard with Interpump and Pratissoli radial plunger pumps and are available for both hot and cold water. Depending on the capacity we can provide you with single- or multi-part pump units (= number of pressure-booster pumps). For the hot water cleaning units the high-pressure cleaner is provided with a boiler working on diesel or gas, depending on your preference and area of application. BOONS FIS supplies high-pressure installations with plunger pumps with a capacity up to 1500 bar. These high-pressure units are accordingly highly suitable for heavy industries such as the construction world, difficult cleaning jobs, shipping, etc. Besides the pressure, the flow rate of a high-pressure cleaning unit is also important. BOONS FIS can also offer you numerous options here. There is also a choice from different motor-pump combinations. 

In the high-pressure installation segment above 40 bar, we offer both separate motor-pump units and stationary pressure-booster units with an unlimited pressure and flow rate capacity. Our high-pressure units can also optionally be fitted with a break tank. This break tank forms a “buffer” between the central piping network and the pipes of the pressure-booster unit. This break tank also serves in accommodating peak loads. Additional options such as temperature monitoring, variable-frequency drive, high-temperature pump (> 85 °), a filtering system, etc. are also available as an extension/adaptation on the high-pressure installation. Besides all these options, all cleaning accessories ranging from cleaning guns, reels, cleaning lances, dirt blasters and rotating heads, etc. are obviously also available from BOONS FIS. 

The high-pressure installations are all built with simple operation, operating reliability and robustness in mind. With the units assembled under a strong (usually stainless steel) guard, all components are perfectly protected against any damage. 

Our high-pressure installations can also be built fully custom-made according to the specific desires of the customer. BOONS FIS offers endless possibilities for your high-pressure application! Besides the production of these high-pressure installations, we also have a professional assembly team that takes responsibility for laying high-pressure piping networks and the installation of the high-pressure cleaner.  

Would you like to see our high-pressure units at work? Contact our sales team and ask for a demo!