About Piping

A well thought-out and perfectly assembled piping network is indispensable if you want your pressure-booster installations and/or your foam and disinfection network to function optimally. BOONS FIS supplies two types of piping: pressure piping and high pressure piping in stainless steel. 

Pressure piping

Our pressure piping is extremely suitable in combination with low pressure systems (< 40 bar).  On the basis of plans we join with you in establishing how much piping has to be laid in which diameters. The qualified assembly team from BOONS FIS takes care of installation. Obviously, dampers are fitted at strategic points to accommodate rebound in the network.

 The piping has very many quality certificates including the well-known KIWA product certificate. Kiwa declares that the stainless steel pressure pipes and fittings suffice with regard to the BRL-K774/05 Kiwa assessment directive.

High pressure piping in stainless steel

When the pressure is higher than 40 bar we use high pressure pipes in stainless steel. These pipes are TIG welded to always ensure the best result. 

When welding stainless steel piping we use an extra bottle of Argon with reducing valve as backing gas. We use backing gas to prevent oxidation on the back of the weld. This backing gas consists of 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen. All welds are then treated with pickling paste. Our piping is installed using special clamping brackets. 

BOONS FIS works according to the FED guidelines. Our welders are qualified, and their work is checked on a regular basis by a certified body. Our standard is AISI 304L stainless steel, but this can always be discussed with the customer. 

Besides the installation of a pressure-booster and/or chemical installation would you also like us to lay the piping? Contact our experts for more details!