Rotating spray heads

About Rotating spray heads

Thorough daily or weekly cleaning of your production environment is crucial, while components such as water tanks, supply tanks, specific storage tanks and so on must also be thoroughly cleaned to prevent contamination.

For this BOONS FIS offers a comprehensive range of rotating spray heads which are frequently used for work such as CIP cleaning. There are water-powered and electrically and pneumatically driven spray heads. 

The water-powered spray heads are directly connected to the water supply. The rotational speed is determined by a well-considered combination of the number and position of the nozzles, the pressure and flow rate of the water supply and the force of the brake spring.

The electrically and pneumatically rotating heads are logically not only connected to the water supply but also to the electricity or compressed air network.

The range of rotating headings is extremely varied, and this is why we would like to consult you in proposing the right application. So do not hesitate to contact the experts at BOONS FIS or read more about previously completed projects!