Wall and floor cleaners

About Wall and floor cleaners

A wall and/or floor cleaner is an integral part of the industrial high pressure cleaning segment. Surfaces such as concrete, wood, bluestone, etc. to be cleaned sometimes require specific treatment. Our floor and wall cleaners with a pressure up to a maximum of 500 bar (depending on the version) are the solution.

The wall and floor cleaners are ergonomically assembled to make the work easy and efficient. The operator can bring the appliance into use by simply connecting the gun to the high pressure line. The whole construction is stainless steel to guarantee the appliance a long working life. 

The wall and floor cleaners can be provided with extra functions (optional extras) depending on your specific needs. The efficient suction system absorbs the dirt and water during cleaning, so after cleaning only a dry surface remains. The four wheels on the bottom of the construction also make handling the cleaner easier. This all means we can always suggest the most suitable appliance. Our appliances are also highly suitable for specific work such as the removal of graffiti or chewing gum.

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