Agristo Wielsbeke

Agristo is a global player in the development and production of deep-frozen potato products. Quality, food safety and hygiene are very important to them, so also for their new establishment in Wielsbeke. They again called upon the expertise of BOONS FIS after previous cooperation at their existing locations.

Certainty of hygiene was required during production at Agristo’s new establishment. BOONS FIS supplied a custom-made hygiene lock as the answer. At the entrance to the hygiene lock an HDK/XL -SG hand soaping station was installed. Then one can continue to a WR3 hand-washing basin with tap sensor, dry the hands, and leave the hygiene lock again through a HDK/XL-DG hand disinfection station. Production is also left along this hygiene lock through the two  mechanical turnstiles with wall assembly. This partition always ensures smooth passage for a number of persons and makes uncontrolled passage impossible. 

All the needs of the new establishment could be accommodated thanks to the close cooperation between BOONS FIS and Agristo. After the establishment opened BOONS FIS continued to assist with and work on the whole process to make sure that everything proceeds optimally.

BOONS FIS also supplied two man-height turnstiles with access function. Access is only possible with the required badge. The turnstile installed for the hygiene lock also has a large door with lock. Then the necessary work trolleys and other materials can be brought into the production space.

Hygiene is obviously also important during production itself. To meet the required standard BOONS FIS supplied different hand washing basins, satellites, reels, guns, accessories, boot dryers and rinsing sinks. Then during production, the highest requirements regarding hygiene can always be met. 

Finally, Agristo needed a special cleaner for their spiral freezer. We came up with a solution together, being a custom-made dosing unit. The spiral freezer can be fully automatically cleaned thanks to this installation. 

Agristo continues to call upon BOONS FIS thanks to the many successful projects completed together. More news about the latest projects completed follows!