MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET) is the largest container terminal in Europe. In total no fewer than 234 straddle carriers drive around the facility. They use a washing installation from BOONS FIS to keep them in tip-top condition. 

Thorough maintenance is crucial for keeping all resources in perfect condition. The hive of activity at the port means stoppages are not an option for MPET. The new installation must be professional, sufficient for the capacity and also be user-friendly. BOONS FIS developed a completely new concept to satisfy all the needs. The right choices of pumps and materials were very important here. 

A central boiler in a frost-free technical space sends the water at high pressure through a heat-exchanger that heats it up to 90 °C. From there it is taken to the branch points where MPET personnel connect up their guns. During cleaning the waste water is collected and further processed. The pH and limescale values are continually monitored. This ensures that the right parameters are always used during the work. 

The complexity associated with all these activities is fully contained in the unit control system. The employees can get down to work with a simple push of a button.

We installed two washing lanes at MPET West. An installation for MPET East soon followed after this major success. Would you like to read more about our installation at MPET? Read the full article about our cooperation in Industrial Automation: “Washing installation always ready for the dirty work”.