't Munckenei

We at BOONS FIS paid a visit to 't Munckenei in Wingene, where business manager Stefaan Verhelle welcomed us to the brand-new building. Production on the site is already running at full speed. Besides fresh free range eggs being sorted and packed there, bio-eggs have also recently been included in production. 't Munckenei takes care of day-to-day supplies to Belgian retail and food service companies, which in turn supply the products to bakeries, butchers, etc.

’t Munckenei celebrated its 20th birthday in January 2022. It is a young and dynamic company still enjoying strong growth in the sector. Stefaan and his team sort and package both eggs from their own laying hens at the company and eggs collected daily from their suppliers. These eggs are then carefully sorted by weight and size and place in the appropriate packaging.

The strict requirements in the food sector also require regular and thorough cleaning of the production spaces. Eggs are not exposed products because of the shell around them, but at 't Munckenei they still make every effort to ensure an immaculate working environment. The choice was made to use a daily cleaning routine with a decentralised system from BOONS FIS. This comprises a pressure-booster unit (eSPU-EB) in the technical space that controls the different draw-off stations (DSW) with associated reels in the production space.

The employee simply uses the rotary switch to select the required cleaning procedure; foaming, rinsing or disinfection. The respective products (soap or disinfectant) are drawn from the jerry cans that are stored under the draw-off station in a closed stainless steel container.

The cleaning process, including operating pressure and correct dosage, was determined beforehand and set in the control system for the decentralised cleaning system 'by BOONS FIS'. Everything was tuned for impeccable and thorough cleaning of the production hall, not forgetting material such as crates, platforms and pallets.

Perfect cleaning in the food and more specifically the poultry sector is of crucial importance for food safety. Poultry farmers also see it as very important that their eggs are collected from their farms with clean material.

The decentralised system is very user friendly and has a clean finish, as befits a food company.

Stefaan was in search of a cleaning system that can be quickly started up and is easy to use. Cleaning with a user-friendly system is more than welcome after a busy working day. This offers a number advantages to the company: employees do not have to concern themselves with the dosing of the products or setting the operating pressure for the spray lance. With each switch setting the right nozzle is also quickly selected and fitted based on colours on the appliance. The DSW satellites have a handy nozzle holder on the bottom side of the control cabinet. The right nozzle is then always within hand reach.

Stefaan was highly enthusiastic about the working method and the whole procedure followed with BOONS FIS. From the first time of contact, the quotation and the contract up to and including installation, everything took place to perfection. Another satisfied customer with a cleaning system 'by BOONS FIS'. This again gives us the confidence and strength to continue to innovate with our products.

An egg with your breakfast in the morning? Yes please!