Industrial washing installations

BOONS FIS also offers custom-made work in the industrial washing installations segment. We always propose the most suitable machine. This depends on various factors such as the materials to be cleaned, the quantity, the level of contamination, etc.

We accordingly recently installed a highly specific multi-washer. This washing installation works with a transport grate instead of the standard chain drive. Different types of materials can be placed on this grate. Such an appliance is particularly useful when different smaller accessories in different sizes are used, for example. These can all be placed on the grate.

Use is always made of clear technical and 3D drawings to develop custom-made work. In addition, all our installations can be fully personalised, also the custom-made work.

There is a second grate at the top in the installation. The height of this second grate is adjustable: the smaller the materials, the lower the grate is set. This ensures that the different parts are held in place during cleaning. When crates are also used at the factory, these can also be cleaned by the multi-washer. This makes the purchase of a second, similar installation unnecessary.

Cleaning parts of other sizes is also among the possibilities, an example being a custom-made installation for cleaning IBC tanks.

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