Personal hygiene

Appropriate personal hygiene is essential at companies where a spotless production environment is the norm. Standard equipment is not always sufficient at all companies, so besides our extensive range of standard hygiene equipment we also offer custom-made work. This custom-made work is always developed in close cooperation with our experts and manufactured in line with your specific needs.

Accordingly, we also provide hygiene stations that combine different functions and that are not on our standard list. If required, we can design a hygiene station fully in line with the customer’s desires. 

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Personal hygiene hand wash gutter with dyson airblade faucets hand disinfection HDK fencing stainless steel hygiene station BoonsFIS
Personal hygiene hand wash chute hand disinfection HDK fencing hygiene station URK sole cleaner BoonsFIS
personal hygiene hand disinfection unit HDK XL with turnstile fencing and document holder stainless steel Boons FIS
personal hygiene hygiene lock HDK XXL hygiene station HC XL hand disinfection sole cleaner Boons FIS