Main stations fixed SWU

A fixed main station is a simple way to clean a (production) space. This SWU (Single Wall Unit) is a cleaning system, made up of a centrifugal frequency controlled booster pump with integrated satellite. This unit has a robust construction and is placed against a wall in the production area. The elegant lines and finish make this device a top product 'by BOONS FIS'.

The SWU is always mounted in combination with a reel and a jerry can holder in which the chemistry is placed. The foam or disinfectants are sucked in from here by means of flexibles. The desired cleaning is determined via the electromechanically operated switch: rinsing, foaming or disinfecting. The SWU does it all in a jiffy. Simple and accurate.

Compressed air is not always available where the SWU needs to be cleaned. That is why we can also provide the unit with a built-in, oil-free compressor, we then speak of the SWU-K-20/1-GR.