Water tanks BT-C

The BT200-C, BT400-C, BT800-C and BT1600-C are water tanks that can be connected to the range of pressure boosting units of 20 bar and pressure boosting units of 40 bar "by BOONS FIS". The water tank, also called a buffer tank, is an installation that separates the central water supply network and the pipeline network of the cleaning system. The break tank forms a buffer between both networks so to speak.

The disconnection of the water piping is very often required or desirable to prevent the back-flow of water (with chemicals) to the central pipe system. The water tank also has the extra advantage that peak loads can be absorbed given the stock of 200, 400, 800 or 1600 litres.

The water tanks are fully made of high quality stainless steel and provided with an automatic filling system where a filling valve and level sensor communicate with each other to fill or net to fill the tank. The tanks are also equipped with temperature and run-dry protection.

The tanks are provided with an overflow (slot in the tank with collector according to the legal standards) for extra safety and visual inspection. 

The BT200-C, BT400-C, BT800-C and BT1600-C water tanks are Belgaqua-approved, meaning they are built fully compliant with EN1717 and product standard EN13077 (certificate available on request).