Boot dryers

Boot dryers

These boot dryers were designed for the decontamination and drying of all types of boots and shoes. The ergonomic design ensures good functionality. With the small surface of the dryers, unnecessary energy loss is prevented, and the drying and disinfection process is optimised. 

Hot air is blown onto the wet shoes or boots to dry them out. The drying time and temperature can be set by a timer according to the requirements of each customer.

These racks are available in designs for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 pairs. 

A dryer with ozone function is also optionally available. The ozone is created by a special ozone lamp here. Ozone is indeed the best decontaminator and prevents odour nuisance. After 20 minutes the ozone is converted back into air.

Touch valves are also among the options. These valves activate the boot dryer when footwear is placed above them. This increases efficiency, lowers consumption and extends the working life of the appliance. 

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Boot dryers


  • Supplied with certificate of stainless steel used (AISI 1.4301), no use of ferritic steels (400 series) that are magnetic and liable to corrode
  • Everything is 100% rounded off jointless for optimal hygiene, no angles or edges where dirt and bacteria can originate
  • Meets the highest quality requirements for the food and general industry
  • New design, better functionality and lower energy consumption
  • Available for 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 pairs of shoes/boots.
  • Optionally available with ozone function and/or touch valves
  • Adjustable drying time and temperature
  • With thermometer and timer as standard
  • Robust construction and elegant finish



Touch valves