Various access systems

Various access systems

The Speed Gates with sliding glass screens are not only durable and elegant, but also intuitive and smart. With smart sensors or badge control, this compact security gate offers a modern, 'open' access protection.

Open in the sense of being transparent in the space in which the Speed Gates are integrated. No closed space is created, but the space remains open with a transparent lock. Controlled hospitality. The visitors are actually invited by the curved shape of the modules and are further guided by the animated LED indication on the edge of the glass and on the top of the housing.

These access gates can be placed single or multiple, depending on the available space or passage capacity. The degree of authorization can be determined by the choice of sensors, badge control systems, ...

For a subtle integration into the company building, different materials for the housing (mirror black, bronze, etc.) and for the top (stainless steel, granite, etc.) are possible.

Ask our sales team about the different options for these Speed Gates.

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  • Flexible passage configurations
  • Slim, curved housings with an ergonomic and compact design
  • Smooth sliding glass screens
  • LED indication
  • Sustainable