Disinfection and foaming systems

Disinfection and foaming systems: our silent heroes

In the industry, disinfection and foaming systems are an essential part of daily operations. They are not only important for maintaining hygiene, but they also ensure a safe and healthy working environment. Disinfection systems are the invisible heroes of a production process. They keep machines and tools free from bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that can affect product quality or endanger the health of employees.

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With the help of advanced technologies and the use of the right chemicals, these systems can kill or deactivate microbes, ensuring a safe production environment. Foaming systems are an equally important part of many industrial processes. They are used to clean and disinfect products. By applying foam at high pressure, thorough cleaning and disinfection can be achieved without leaving any residue. Disinfection and foaming systems are indispensable for modern industry. They ensure a safe working environment, high product quality, and contribute to HACCP compliant operations. In a world where hygiene and safety are paramount, these systems play a key role.

Types of disinfection and foaming systems

We provide two types of systems at Boons FIS. We differentiate between two different types: the central and decentralized disinfection and foaming systems.

Central disinfection and foaming system

In the case of a central cleaning system, a pressure boosting unit and a CBU chemical dosing unit are installed in the technical room. This unit controls the dosing of the chemicals through controlled steering. The foam, water, or disinfectant is then transported through an extensive pipeline network (also supplied by us as a total supplier) to various outlets in production, where it ends up in the CS central collection satellites. From the collection station (CS satellite), one can select the desired option (up to six options) and foam, disinfect, or activate the rinse function using the attached hose (usually coiled on a reel) and gun.

Boons FIS's central piping offers numerous advantages:

  • the system ensures a uniform concentration of the used chemicals at every point,
  • the logistics of the chemicals are minimized as everything is centrally set up,
  • operation at the collection station is very simple as one only has to select the desired function by turning the selector switch.

These are just a few of the many advantages of this central chemical dosing unit.

Decentralized disinfection and foaming system

In situations where different chemicals or dosages are required throughout the production space, or when the production space is relatively small, a decentralized cleaning system is often chosen. In this system, we install decentralized collection satellites in the production room. These may or may not connect to a pressure boosting unit via a pipeline network. We place jerry cans under the satellite, which supply the satellite with chemicals. The satellite draws the chemicals through suction hoses.

Mobile foam and disinfection units are also an option. If you do not want to be tied to a central point, a mobile foam and disinfection unit is certainly an option. With this type of mobile cleaning system, you can easily move from one cleaning task to another. Depending on your needs, an "all-in-one system" can serve this purpose, or you can connect a satellite to a trolley to expand the decentralized cleaning system.

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