Sole and boot cleaners

About Sole and boot cleaners

Sole and boot cleaners guarantee optimal hygiene every day. In this category you can find various options for cleaning and disinfecting the soles. We can offer a suitable appliance for any production space and any application. The rotating brushes have a dosing system to suck up the chemicals and disinfectant allowing perfect cleaning and disinfection. 

Are boots worn in your production environment? BOONS FIS can also offer the most suitable appliance here. Our most advanced walk-through boot cleaners include two horizontal and four vertical brushes for cleaning and disinfecting the boot legs. The DR/1400 B6 is our most complete cleaner enabling optimal hygiene to be guaranteed.

We offer appliances with a disinfection bath for locations with a minimum of contamination where only disinfection is required. The disinfection baths can be installed at the entrance to the production spaces so your employees and visitors must walk through the disinfection baths to enter the space. The soles are then disinfected. You can decide to have a disinfection bath installed in the floor or have the bath built on top of the floor.