About us

BOONS FIS is a family business with establishments in Nazareth and Tiel.
Industrial cleaning, handling and hygiene equipment have already been the driving force for 35 years.
With the expertise we have accumulated, we guide our customers from A to Z, and this for both
standard machines and parts as well as for custom-build projects.

Pre-sales and advice

Our sales team is on standby every day to hear about your needs and requirements. We join with you in looking at possible solutions to result in a proposal in line with your needs. To us, dialogue is the key. If necessary we will pay you a visit to gain a clear picture of the situation, or you can make an appointment to visit our showroom in Nazareth. Our personal and comprehensive proposal forms the ideal starting point for successful cooperation and building a long-term relationship.

Sale and execution

Your project is supervised by one central person. This ensures a personal approach and full knowledge of each project. For installation purposes we dispose of various highly qualified technicians who work with extreme care. A safe working environment and good working conditions are two important values here. We have obtained the SCC certificate to further enhance our work.

Custom-made work

Besides our comprehensive range of standard products, we also offer custom-made work. Indeed, not every customer will be served with a standard design. This custom-made work is designed and managed by our own employees fully in line with the desires and expectations of the customer. We enjoy getting fully behind your specific project.

It’s a real BOON(S) to serve you.

Research & Development

We continue to develop and improve our installations day in day out. This means you can always count on a proposal with the latest technologies and the highest quality. We continue to invest significantly in the development of water and energy efficient machines and the controlled use of chemical products.

Service and maintenance

Good service is a very important value at our company. We have a highly trained service team to provide this service. We also offer maintenance contracts. Thanks to this periodic maintenance we can identify and rectify any problems in good time, so any damage is avoided.

Aftersales service

To us customer service is a priority in all we do. We always keep a large stock to be able to quickly supply accessories and spare parts. You can also always contact us with any questions or problems. We always try to assist our customers as quickly as possible.